La Palma offers endless possibilities for active leisure. Hiking, mountain biking, diving, paragliding, boat trips and much more… Everything is possible here.

At Canarias Magic Tours we organize all the excursions you need so that your group can get to know Isla Verde in depth

la gomera

You have just set foot in it and you already feel how the magic envelops you. You go a little deeper and discover that all that magic is real. You jump from landscape to landscape and you are surprised by ravines that jump into the sea, valleys covered with green palm trees, black sand beaches and crystal clear waters, lush ancient forests with springs that invite you to cool off …


A small continent where you will find all kinds of experiences to make each day special: very close, a big city with a wide range of leisure activities for everyone.

Gran Canaria is a great destination with almost 60km of beaches to enjoy with the family and with a western part declared a Biosphere Reserve. A small continent where you will find everything you need to make each day special.cada día sea especial.


Tenerife is one of the Canary Islands and these are known as the lucky islands. Reasons? From its spring climate, its volcanic nature and its relaxing beaches to colonial-style historic centers, its restaurants that combine haute cuisine and popular cuisine, and its many special accommodations that ensure the smile of everyone who visits it.


Lanzarote has something different that goes beyond what can be found in any sun and beach destination. An island where nature and art go hand in hand, where its people feel and live the commitment and pride of belonging to it, and the food tastes of the sea and the countryside, an island whose essence leaves a mark. Welcome to the Lanzarote Effect.


Upon arrival, you will be greeted by an unspoiled coastline of emerald waters and white sand. More than 150 km of beaches where the sun and the sea breeze, charged with negative ions with a relaxing effect, will make you feel in a paradise. For this reason, and for its spectacular volcanic landscapes, it is not surprising that it has been declared a Biosphere Reserve.


Despite being the smallest of the islands, El Hierro has fertile lands, steep cliffs, geological lava formations and exuberant vegetation that, together with a sustainable development strategy, has been recognized by UNESCO.

Welcome to the island of El Hierro. This small island, declared a Biosphere Reserve, will capture you by the contrast between its volcanic lands, the green of its lush forests and the transparency of the waters of its marine reserve.

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