Excursions and tours in the south of Fuerteventura


Excursions and tours in the south of Fuerteventura

This is, without a doubt, the beach route of the Canary Islands par excellence. From Gran Tarajal, a town with a large number of residents, and to the southern tip of Fuerteventura, the blonde sand of countless coves continually invites you to stop the car and enjoy the Atlantic. The first stop, in Tarajalejo, contrasts with the rest, given its black sand and fewer hotels, but it is well worth a visit for breakfast. From here on down, lovers of sunbathing and sea bathing will never be able to protest. On the contrary. Miles of beaches, small coastal towns and a lot of mystery make the South of Fuerteventura a fundamental excursion for your group.

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Gran Tarajal

Perfect place to have breakfast before a route of sun and beaches This route starts from the coastal town of Gran Tarajal, one of the main residential points in the municipality of Tuineje. Its central one kilometer long black sand beach, its coastal promenade, its two ports, its many bars and restaurants, especially on Paco Hierro Avenue, its many shops and the morning sun make it perfect for breakfast by the sea, ocean that you will not stop enjoying during the remaining journey.

In case you want to spend more time, a small link to the right at the exit of the town allows you to access, in just five minutes, the small town of Las Playitas, with its irresistible fishing atmosphere, its nearby golf course and its ideal bars. also to stock up before so much fine blonde sand, natural lakes, endless beaches, desert landscapes and sun, lots of sun.


The sea feels as if the road were the shore where the waves break. Ezquizo is another tourist town with an endless beach that continues until the end of the route, in Morro Jable. Whether you have eaten before or not, Esquinzo and nearby towns such as Piedra Solana and Solana Matorral offer a large number of restaurants, although their forte will always be their coastal showcase: those unforgettable beaches that almost inevitably force you to keep stopping your car , lie down in the sun and bathe in an appetizing Atlantic

Morro Jable

The route ends in Morro Jable, a town where the port that connects with Gran Canaria stands out. In addition, its huge Matorral beach, which gives continuity to those that come down from Costa Calma and Esquinzo, is also very appetizing if the previous baths have not yet satisfied the desire for salt, sun and peace. The numerous shops, restaurants and bars increase the reasons to stay for a while to eat, have a drink and enjoy the sunset and the sunsets, which are usually simply spectacular.

The Morro Jable lighthouse stands out in a town as touristy as the rest of this part of the Jandía Peninsula. A «leg» of Fuerteventura, due to its geographical shape that reconciles with nature if you are really looking for sun, beach, freedom and disconnection. The most beachy route in the Canary Islands does not disappoint if those are your preferences.

Excursions and tours in the south of Fuerteventura

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