Experiences in La Gomera, its trail route

La Gomera has a wide and varied network of trails. More than 600 kilometers of roads that connect the entire island and allow you to enjoy its wonderful natural landscapes outdoors: humid laurel forests, deep ravines that flow into the sea or lush palm groves.

We help you organize your vacation in La Gomera, and of course, your hiking routes with specialized guides so that your visit to the island of La Gomera with your group is a success.

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Barranco de Santiago, experiences in La Gomera

Located in San Sebastián de La Gomera, this route is a good example of the island landscapes. The trek passes through Monteverde in Agando, palm groves in the bed of the ravine and, at the end, tabaibas and cardones near a hamlet with rural architecture with houses dotted between cultivated terraces. Cereal farming areas are also visited in the hermitage of San Juan Bautista, an old hydraulic mill in Pastrana and modern infrastructure to take advantage of water such as the Benchijigua well and dam.

Remains of old hamlets and banana farms With twelve kilometers of route and a slope that exceeds a thousand meters, the route through the Benchijigua ravine runs along a paved track and a rural path during the three and a half hours of the walk. This trekking offers images frozen in time, such as several hamlets that were abandoned in the middle of the last century and, in the final stretch, old banana farms in the Puerto Santiago area. Don’t forget appropriate footwear and sun protection.p>

Vallehermoso Circular, experiences in La Gomera

With twelve kilometers of route and a maximum gradient of 680 meters, the Vallehermoso circular trek requires about five hours of excursion on surfaces that range between trail, forest track and paved areas. Of medium difficulty, it is advisable to bring appropriate luggage and footwear, as well as sufficient food and drink. Along the way, in addition to the natural environment, you can enjoy the ethnographic value of the hermitages on the divide and the beach, as well as a solitary hamlet in Chijeré and the so-called Vallehermoso castle.

Valle Gran Rey – La Calera, experiences in La Gomera

A trek from the sea to the mountains in La Gomera Located in the municipality of Valle Gran Rey, in the southwest of the island of La Gomera, this trek crosses one of the traditional paths that for centuries served as a connection between the coastal towns. and the populated centers in the midlands and mountain areas. Its journey through the ravine shows the great beauty of a palm grove that borders crop terraces in one of the most unique rural scenes in the entire archipelago. Palm trees, bejeques and verodes in a spectacular ravine

With eight kilometers of route and a notable difference in altitude that can exceed a thousand meters, this trek from Valle Gran Rey has a high degree of difficulty. It is advisable to have appropriate equipment and footwear to face three hours of walking on a road that combines path, cobblestone, asphalt and dirt track. But the effort is worth it: the lower channel of the ravine enters palm trees and reed beds next to terraces and traditional farmhouses, and the upper part is full of rocks with native species such as bejeque and verode. In fauna, the road pipit bird stands out.

Experiences in La Gomera, its trail route

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