Excursions and hiking on the island of La Palma


Excursions and hiking on the island of La Palma

La Palma, Isla Bonita, Isla Verde and especially Isla de los Senderos. We organize a package of Hiking Routes for your group to have a full experience on this wonderful Island, in addition to offering you a special tour to visit the new volcanic area that has been formed on the Island of La Palma.

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Caldera de Taburiente hiking route

The La Caldera de Taburiente hiking route is the obligatory walk in your kicks for the year 2021 in La Palma, be careful, you have to be a good walker since the route will put you to the test on several occasions. The Caldera de Taburiente is home to the best representation of the Canarian pine forest on the pretty island, where in addition, the water and the geological formations have made this corner of the pretty island an emblematic place for palm trees and visitors looking for a good kick on La Palma. It owes its name because it was here that this type of geological structure was studied for the first time, being one of the largest on the planet. Don’t forget to visit La Cascada de Colores

Hiking route for groups Route of the Volcanoes

This section of the GR 131 coincides with one of the most spectacular and incredible excursions on La Palma; The Route of the Volcanoes, which for many years was also important for the locals. The tour is a compendium on the historical volcanism of the pretty island through a forceful landscape of lava, volcanic ash, calderas and volcanoes. It runs from El Pilar and through the upper area of ​​Cumbre Vieja where there is no inhabited place until it reaches Los Canarios, which makes this route an authentic trekking from beginning to end.

Hiking route The springs of Marcos and Cordero

This hike perfectly describes what the island really is, steep slopes, places of difficult access, different types of vegetation and water, a lot of water that flows from the rock. You can find all this and much more here, on this hiking hike in the Marcos and Cordero springs. It is a demanding route that will put you to the physical test until the end, going through tunnels, a lot of humidity, especially in winter and on the way down to the Los Tilos forest, some tremendous unevenness.

Hiking route Roque de Los Muchachos, The top of the Island

The route on this route rarely falls below 2000 meters in height, that is, it is a continuous going up and down which is where the greatest difficulty of today lies. The views towards the interior of La Caldera are spectacular, you can even see its bottom, with a large number of dikes that seem to form a gigantic skeleton thanks to which this world of verticality manages to maintain itself.

Teneguia Volcano Route, La Palma

The Teneguía volcano took its name from the neighboring Roque Teneguía, an aboriginal magical area where there are a series of engravings. The pine forests are already high up and from now on we will only have the possibility of walking among lavas, crossing the malpaises and in the distance some fields of vines, which give their name to some of the best wines on the pretty island. At the end of the route the lighthouses of Fuencaliente and the salt flats of the same name await us, which put the note of color in the southern vertex of La Palma.

El Cubo de La Galga, the enchanted forest of La Palma

Located in the municipality of Puntallana, in the area commonly known as «El Cubo de la Galga» runs our path, focused on those who want to enjoy the exuberant laurel forests that we have on the island of La Palma.

Excursions and hiking on the island of La Palma

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